Russ Rizzo

is a copywriter

Side Project Generator

Coming up with new ideas is hard. This generator gives you a place to start.

side project generator

How to Play

1. Enter Side Project Generator dot com.

2. Click on Stephen Colbert to bring up two topics.

3. Think about how you could combine those topics.

4. Make that side project.

You've Got Mail

We sent 150+ physical envelopes to creatives across the country. Global CCO's, interns, and plenty in between. Everyone received both an intro letter and unique generator screenshot.

intro letter

mailed letters

Summer 2017
Partner: Nick Rog.
Code: Alex Nelson.

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Turtle Wax
Minnesota Wild [real work]

Calm Incense
Mr. Walker
Thank You in Advance
Side Project Generator
Are you eating dinner with your father?
Game of Hands
Short. For a Giraffe
Story Shopping
Hockey in Space