Russ Rizzo

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Game of Hands

For NHL hockey fans, this is a game of talent.
For everyone else, it's a game of luck.

game of hands

game of hands

game of hands

game of hands

game of hands

game of hands

Play onĀ Game of Hands dot net.

Challenges (sent via physical mail)

Invitations were sent to our continent's most prestigious hockey analysts.
Zero challenges have been accepted thus far.

Barry Melrose, ESPN On-Air Talent

barry melrose

Marty Biron, Buffalo Sabres On-Air Talent

marty biron

Mike Johnson, NHL Network On-Air Talent

mike johnson

Kathryn Tappen, NHL Network On-Air Talent

kathryn tappyn

John Buccigross, ESPN On-Air Talent

john buccigross

Kevin Weekes, NHL Network On-Air Talent

kevin weekes

Russ' High Score

russ' high score

Summer 2017
Code: Alex Nelson.

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