Side Project Generator

Fact: Creatives love side projects.

Fact: Nearly all side projects pair together two things in a way they haven't been combined before.

Fact: This generator has over 500,000 different combinations.

Click any image to enter the generator. Happy creating!

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You've Got Mail

We sent 150+ physical envalopes to creatives across the country. Global CCO's, interns, and plenty in between. Everyone received both an intro letter and unique generator screenshot.

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Kind Words

"The ideas practically make themselves."
‐Carey Price, lazy art director

"A good start."
‐Jerry Graph, works in advertising

"I don't really get it, but I'm sure it's good Russ."
‐Valerie Rizzo, optimistic mother

More Kind Words

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This project was created in partnership with Nick Rog.

This project was coded by Alex Nelson.