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Daylight Savings Time is a nonsensical, outdated tradition.
It's also the 2nd most dangerous driving day of the year.
Sheetz has been dedicated to serving all drivers since 1952.
Therefore, Daylight Savings Time must be abolished.

Save Drivers, Not Daylight

Step 1: The Petition

sheetz petition

Step 2: The Campaign


sheetz print ad

sheetz print ad

sheetz print ad

Pre-DST Coffee

Daylight Savings Time has been putting drivers in danger since it was enacted in 1918. So for the week following DST, Sheetz coffee will cost just 11 cents, the same amount you'd have paid in 1918.


Local radio creates awareness for DST horrors and 11-cent coffee.

Sheetz Gas Pump OOH

Drivers need to become aware of other DST consequences.

sheetz gas pump ad

sheetz gas pump ad

Get Out of Your Sheetz

Text “Wake me up” to 1-800-SHE-ETZZ for a wake-up call and coffee voucher.

sheetz wake-up call

DST Preparedness Kit

Give the gift of planning ahead by sending a DST Preparedness Kit to someone you love.

sheetz preparedness kit

Drivers in Double Danger

Drivers of Uber, Lyft, Taxis, and Buses are putting their lives in heightened danger during DST. We’ll help keep them attentive at the wheel by offering free caffeine for 24 hours after the clocks strike 3.

uber lyft taxi bus

Fall 2017
AD: Lynn Nakamura.
ST: Cole Hammack.

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