Russ Rizzo

is a copywriter

Minnesota Wild (NHL)

I spent summer 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the copywriting intern at Olson. We competed in a pitch for the Minnesota Wild season campaign, and won by creating a tradition only possible in Minnesota, aka The Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Campaign: This is Our Ice

Invite fans to bring water from lakes, ponds, and backyards all over the state of Minnesota and add them to the ice surface at the Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesota Wild.

Here's how the fan event for water donations worked.

this is our ice

Here's a tv spot introducing the campaign.

Here's another one.

Here's a video of Minnesota hockey legends talking about the ice they grew up on.

Here's an interactive digital map allowing fans to share where they brought water from, and what that ice means to them.


Here's a wholesome Reddit thread about the campaign.
Here's the campaign microsite.
Here's a video of Minnesota Wild President Matt Majka talking about the campaign.
Here's a video of the pouring ceremony before the 2017-18 season home opener.

Summer 2017
Agency: Olson.
CD: Tom Lord.
CW: Derek Pletch.
AD: Corey Price.
Intern: Nick Rog.

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