Russ Rizzo

is a copywriter

Instagram Grab


Instagram is full of products, but there’s no way to immediately purchase, or even identify, the exact product in a photo.


Instagrab automatically identifies the products in an Instagram photo, allowing users to follow the tag icon and purchase instantly.

How it Works

Using Samsung’s existing Bixby Vision technology to automatically identify products in an image, users press and hold a finger on screen to reveal the products pictured in that photo.

instagram grab

After tapping a product tag, users are directed to that exact product available for purchase online. They can then buy the item, shop around the store, or return back to their Instagram feed.

instagram grab

Posting a Photo

When posting a photo to Instagram, users can manually tag any product that appears in their photo, just as they would tag a person.

instagram grab


People are fascinated with knowing what celebrities own. So when Mr. Mayer doesn’t mention what jeans he's flaunting in his latest post, users can press and hold to reveal a tag linking to the exact brand and style.

instagram grab


Instead of shamelessly promoting something in the caption, influencers can add tags to products that appear in their photo, making them far more bearable for other users to follow.

instagram grab

Summer 2017
Partner: Nick Rog.

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