Game of Hands

Does Ryan Getzlaf shoot left handed or right handed? What about Elias Lindholm? Pavel Buchnevich? If you answered right-right-left, then you need to put your skills to the test in the latest internet craze, Game of Hands dot net!

How to Play

Please select the handedness of the NHL player who appears on screen. Use the < and > arrows on your keyboard or your cursor. Enter by clicking below.

enter game of hands dot net

How to Win Free Beer

Find Russ in real life. Challenge Russ to a best-of-3 series. Beat Russ. Russ buys you a beer.

Russ’ Recent Score

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Game of Hands Twitter!

Not as knowledgeable about NHL players as you thought? No worries! Simply follow @GameOfHands and receive daily reminders of NHL players, and how they shoot.

This project was coded by Alex Nelson.