Russ Rizzo is currently a 2nd-year copywriting student at the VCU Brandcenter. He sleeps, tweets, grams, emails, and eats bagels in Richmond, VA. Here’s a generator he made to help you come up with ideas. And a game he designed to numerically quantify your knowledge of hockey. And a new way to buy things via Instagram. For Father’s Day 2017, he created this for his dad. He’s also made an integrated campaign for Nutcase Helmets. And a branded content video for MeUndies. He even occasionally sells things to online shoppers. Since Russ hasn’t been selected in the past 9 NHL Drafts, he’s hoping to become the first copywriter in his family. You can find his full portfolio here in March 2018. Please call or text him to get in touch, as he rarely responds to Facebook pokes.

TL;DR: Listen here. Resume here.